Last night, I slept with your bunny. I hadn’t slept with him in a while. When I held him close, it felt warm, secure, instantly familiar. This morning, when I awoke, your bunny was there. I put him on top of my pillow. He looked alive, fluffed up, and happy. Just the way that I like to remember you.



It’s odd sometimes, when little things remind you of your loved one. For me, one of these things is bananas. One of my kitty’s favorite toys was a catnip banana. He had several if he was being wild, snuggly, or needed a small pillow, his catnip banana was exactly what he needed. Now I find myself finding comfort in all things bananas. Banana wallet, banana purse… it’s like anything banana is my personal own special connection. I say, if there is something that reminds you of your loved one, and it contributes a positive memory, there should be no shame in surrounding yourself by these things, no matter how big or small or seemingly silly to another.