Continued Gifts

It’s an interesting and continued journey when you lose someone close to you. A journey that we all must face one day if you’re lucky enough to have at least one special someone in your life.

At the beginning of my journey, I had so many overwhelming emotions that I had a difficult time navigating. And at this point, 2+ years later, I am incredibly grateful.

That special little cat, that special little being, that I ask myself, how I ever ended up deserving, taught me so much about love and what to do with that love when he was no longer there. I continue with my volunteering every week and understand on such a deep level what a profound impact an animal can have on your soul, that I give back to these animals, these animals that aren’t mine, because I know how special they are, and how much they are deserving of that loving home, and how hopefully they can change someone’s life, like mine was changed.

I’ve learned, to no longer look away when something is discomforting. When you are forced with nothing else but to look something straight in the face that discomforts you, and know that you must look there, it teaches you to not look away.

This week I read about someone who abandoned an emaciated dog in a canyon near my house, and as gut-wrenching as it is to read about that, and as much of an impact it plays on my mind, I know, that I cannot look away. You can’t look away from the things that stir your soul.

My love, this is just one of the gifts that you have given me.

I love you so incredibly much and am grateful for the gifts you continue to bestow upon my life.