1 Year as a Volunteer

Today marks my 1st anniversary of being a volunteer at my local humane society. I can’t even completely express what that means, but I know that it means a lot to me.

I remember what sparked my interest in becoming a volunteer. It was shortly after Monkey crossed the rainbow bridge and I was having a difficult time and crying a lot. A friend of mine also had a pet cross over the rainbow bridge and we were both crying together and I said, “How lucky these boys are to have so much love. Have someone to cry over them so much. All of those pets in the shelter, they have no one to cry over them.”

Well, I became that person to cry over them. And I quickly realized that those pets in the shelter receive so much love and care and people who fight for them.

People have this stigma about animal shelters, that it’s sad and they look away, they don’t want to talk about it or think about things that are sad. You just can’t look away. Because if you look away, you miss that love from an animal, you miss the kindness in their eyes, you miss their unconditional compassion, you miss the beauty in the human and animal bond, you miss what pure resiliency is.

Monkey, I started doing this because of you. If you hadn’t given me so much love, I wouldn’t have this much love to share. Some cats there remind me of you, and that makes me happy.